I am a visual artist, Tomoko Inagaki. My works are mainly video installation, but also cover performance, photography, and utilization of various media. My artistic activity started from performance in the theater. Subsequently, my interest shifted from performance to installation as I do art.

For my video shooting, it resonates the feeling of performance. I have come to realize that my installation had a strong stage influence since the beginning of my career. I choose the material of the work from my concept. In my installations, I often use mirrors and living things such as plants and flowers, and in contrast, imitate nature by using objects such as artificial flowers and dolls.

My work presents nature and artifice, original and copy, men and women, as well as truth and falsehood, in order to make unstable and disrupt their assumed boundaries. By doing so, my work unsettles the viewer’s mind, evoking a sense of discomfort.

We are considering various ways and things in the pandemic situation. I feel that I am in an ephemeral position that was influenced by the judgment of the country while being at the mercy of information.
I forgive myself as I am weak and influenced by the distortions of society, and hurt under this situation.

From here on, I would like to share these feelings through art works, which can allow viewers to recognize and forgive their own weaknesses. I mean, the weaknesses don’t need to be special, it could be anything in everyday life or matters that are normally hard to notice.

Reference works on video // Click to see more details of each works;
Forcing House
The Last Dessert
Reading Fermentation
Love Has No Face