This is a video installation of a single digital video, broken mirror and the color lights. The video is projected on the corner of the walls and the broken mirrors reflect parts of the girls’ bodies on video to the walls. It looks like 4 figures on video, using a mirror video effect. In fact, they are 2 persons and a twin.
The girls keeping running in the video is like escaping from something. One of them is like chasing. It is not clear they look similar as well as their hair and clothes are a resembling atmosphere. Two girls bottom in the video is like another shot of the running girls above as well as they look like demanding reaching out their hand. The electronic sound is based on heartbeat and stopwatch reminds life and time however suddenly shooting sound happens in the last part of the video. The top two girls become one figure after shooting sound by a mirror effect.
The state the girls keeping running without proceeding is a metaphor of people in present especially, in Japan.
There is public thougts that nothing changes even if we show reactions or disagree politics. In such a environment, people tend to lose interests to politics in fact. It is a danger of happening significant while we pretend not to see negative public issues.Some day we might involve in fatal political crisis. We try to pursue, escape, but actually can’t move forward. In the video, there is no future and past as well as place. A girl at the top becomes decalcomania image and disappears at last but it is actually slide into the gap in the screen. The mirror divides human images as fragmental parts and disturbs order. There is no termination but raising questions, and dissipates the sense of anxiety under current circumstances.
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