Ine wo Ueru hito

Photo from ‘One Day I meet…’

about Ine wo Ueru Hito

‘Ine wo Ueru hito’ is an artist duo which grew out of a video installation work, ‘ One day I meet…’, that the pair, Tomoko Inagaki and Takuma Uematsu collaborated on in 2007.

I.U. is short for “ine wo ueru hito” and incorporates the names of both artists: INAgaki and UEmatsu. It translates as “person who plants rice”

The activity of rice-planting is considered to be the begining of cultural development in Asia.
Rice has been, from ancient times until today, the staple food of Japan and our culture is centered around rice-planting.

I.U. strives to create a new culture centered around creativity and experimental challenges.


solo exhibition

2009 ‘One Day I meet…’ hpgrp Gallery, Tokyo
‘One Day I meet… vol.2’ NADiff a/p/a/r/t,Tokyo

group exhibition

2007 ‘I meet…’, CASO, Osaka

2008 ‘Bains Numeriques #3’, Centre des Arts Enghien les    Bains, France

‘Talk & Exhibition 2008 – Video Art Activities’,Ox Warehause ,Macau

2009 “Spooky Action at a Distance”,Black and Blue Gallery,Sydney
(The God of The Small Things)
Casa Masaccio Centro Per L’Art Contemporanea
Inewo Ueru hito webpage on Takuma’s homepage